In Western North Carolina, there are over 56,000 acres of land that fall under the control and jurisdiction of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians (EBCI) located within the Qualla Boundary. Ordinances passed by the Tribal Council are enforced under the Principal Chief, Richard Sneed, and tribal government employees. The modern Cherokee Court, established in 1890, handles both criminal and civil matters which are under the jurisdiction of the EBCI.

A complex set of intersecting state, federal, and tribal laws govern all of the activities that occur on the Qualla Boundary. Whether you are starting a business, have a civil dispute, or are injured on tribal land, an understanding of this complex system is imperative. Moreover, child custody matters can be extremely complicated when multiple jurisdictions, including the Qualla Boundary, are involved. It is imperative to have attorneys that understand the unique intersection of these laws. Hiring an attorney experienced in how these laws overlap can make all the difference in the outcome of your legal matter.

We provide a wide range of legal services relative to Cherokee tribal law including:

  • Estate Law and Probate for Native American Residents of the Qualla Boundary

  • Estate Planning: Trusts and Wills

  • Estate Administration: Will Contests and Probate

  • Estate Management for Incompetency

  • Corporate Law on the Reservation

  • Entity Formation and Operation

  • Entity Leases

  • Entity Permits

  • Debt Collection

  • Cherokee Municipal Law

  • Writing and Presentation of Tribal Council Resolutions and Ordinances

  • Tribal Enrollment Issues and Appeals

  • Real Property Law on the Qualla Boundary

  • Boundary and Land Disputes

  • Sale and Transfer of Land

  • Land Easements

  • Trespassing (Civil)

  • Leases for Residential Properties

  • Construction Matters